Early sunsets, warm tea, big sweaters and messy hair, winter is here!

Here is the first from Play Salon’s ‘Winter style-delights’ series, where we bring you all things wintery. Three most important winter care tips to make you look and feel your best even on those oh-so-cold days.

Winter care tips for your skin:

A healthy lifestyle enhances your physical health and can work miracles on your skin.Eat a balanced diet filled with healthy fats, fresh produce and lots of water. Incorporate exercise into your lifestyle, get enough sleep and be well rested. Use generous amounts of moisturizer to keep your skin from getting dry. A facial mask once every week can work wonders and give your face a quick boost of moisture.

Winter care tips for luscious lips:

Chapped lips might just rob you of a chance at a quick kiss, say in the elevator, now who can risk that. For all winter long kissable lips here are a few tips – first exfoliate using a lip scrub that will remove the dry skin, use a lip balm to lock in the moisture and finally use a moisturizing lipstick. Be sure to choose the right product and try matching it with your winter outfit and make a statement!

Winter care tips for your hair:

Like they say ‘from the frying pan to the fire’, from the burning sun to the sudden cold, winter is just about to wreak havoc on your hair. To help you be prepared for this, here are a few things you can do – wear a scarf/hat/cap to avoid the cold wind. Avoid washing your hair with hot water, use warm or cool water instead. Use shampoo sparingly and remember to condition it after each time. Use of blow dryers, curling irons should be kept to the bare minimum to combat frizzy hair. Regular trims, using a humidifier, drinking plenty of water are few other things that you could do.

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