Choosing the best hair shampoo can be a very tricky exercise. Moisturizing, hydrating, volumizing, strengthening, smoothing, curling, the list is endless! How do you choose what’s best for your hair? It doesn’t have to be a head game if you know what you’re looking for. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the best shampoo for your hair.

Know your hair type. Is it Frizzy? Dandruff? Oily? Dry? Normal?

Choose a shampoo that won’t damage your hair

It shouldn’t have any sulfates, silicone, or high amounts of alcohol. All of these will strip off natural oils and damage your hair, doing more harm than good. If your hair is frizzy, try an anti-frizz shampoo and straightening conditioner.If your hair is dandruff prone, use a medicated shampoo made specifically for dandruff removal. For thin or fine hair use lightweight, thickening or volumizing formulas that will add texture and plump up strands, while strengthening and reinforcing hair. For oily hair, use any type of shampoo. The reason your hair is oily is because you don’t shampoo very often.

For normal/medium (balanced) hair, just about anything works for you, so concentrate on preserving your hair health. Use a shampoo that cleanses gently without stripping hair. Ingredients like wheat protein, white tea and vitamins A, C and E all maintain will preserve the integrity of healthy hair.

For curly, wavy hair moisture is the key! Proper amount of hydration will tame frizz, soften your strands and maintain curl shape and elasticity. Look for nourishing ingredients like glycerin, olive oil, shea butter and jojoba oil.

For coarse, kinky, curly hair look for products designed for your hair with moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin, panthenol or shea butter that will keep hair hydrated with natural luster. Thick hair needs to maintain balanced moisture while controlling volume levels. Abundant strands can become frizzy, unruly and look full in the wrong places (at the ends not the roots). Look for smoothing ingredients like avocado oil, soy protein and macadamia nut oil that help seal the cuticle, hydrate your hair and control unwanted volume.

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