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Deciding on a new hair style for the new year? Take your style up a notch by embarking on a new hair style trend that can instantly change your overall look and motivate you to enter into 2016 feeling like a whole new person.

The 2016 season brings forth many new hair variations and some exciting new winter hair styles changes. Coco Chanel said ‘A WOMAN WHO CUTS HER HAIR IS ABOUT TO CHANGE HER LIFE’. Coco Chanel uttered these wise words of wisdom because she knew the power of a good haircut. Instead of struggling to fix your hair everyday, a good hair cut can save you a lot of time. And what not can you do with that extra free time, conquer the world perhaps!

At this time of the year, when you may be thinking of changing things up in the style department, from our ‘winter style-delights‘ series we bring to you the hottest winter hair styles for the year 2016. Some of us have been cleaning out our wardrobes in an effort to de-clutter and wear more of our clothes more often. Most often than not we find ourselves wearing the same things all the time, and perhaps it’s the same with our hair.

There is something major about a hair cut that is life changing. It’s not just a hair cut or a new style, it’s also a confidence booster. Why not make some major style changes with the start of the New Year? Take a look at some stunning winter hair styles!

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