Massage is just too expensive! Think again…Massage is a drug-free approach to healing. It’s also non-invasive and compassionate.It harnesses the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Here are 5 rock-solid benefits of regular massage which will make you book one today!

Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Lowers levels of certain hormones by up to 50%. Increases serotonin and dopamine which can improve mood.

Improve Immunity

Increases white blood cells which ward off diseases. Reduction is stress can also improve your immune system.

Improve Sleep

An estimates 50 – 70 million people have sleep problems that affect health. Studies have shown that massage improves sleep issues.

Reduce pain

Improves circulation to aid in healing and inflammation. Helps with acute as well as chronic pain.

Reduces Headaches

May reduce the number and severity of migraine headaches. Relaxes muscles in the neck and shoulders that can lead to headaches.

Here are a few wide variety of disorders, massage can work its magic on. Whether it is insomnia; headache; depression and anxiety; back pain; arthritis; high blood pressure; chronic pain or constipation- studies have shown that remedial massage provides positive benefits for many health disorders.

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