Summer in India , generally lasts from March to June. They can range from torrid to muggy, depending on which part of India you are at , but the fundamental  body  function of dehydration is the same for everyone, differing only in degrees, literally.

Overheating of the body happens when exposed to high temperatures over a long period of time, especially when your professional commitments finds you out in the sun, traveling, supervising or plain outdoor functions. And the full brunt of the summer heat is usually born by the skin, the natural protective cover for the human body.  The usual symptoms of over-exposure that shows as heavy sweating, weakness, dizziness, exhaustion, weariness and a “dried-out” feeling by the end of the day coupled with the pressures of the workplace or home can lead to other health complications, if denied timely care and attention. Here are some simple but effective tips to beat the heat. All it needs is a few minutes of your time every day to ensure that you stay energised and toned even at the end of the day.

Play recommends for Summer Care

Drink plenty of water/ fluids: A no-brainer really, but is the most effective way to keep yourself energetic and in your optimal levels. If you are desk-bound, make sure you have a bottle of water by your side at arms reach all the time.Keep refilling. Please donot be complacent that you work in an air-conditioned environment. It normally aggravates the effects over time. The rest-room breaks shouldn’t worry you. You will feel the change by the end of the day.

Light fabrics and light shades : Choose simple cotton versions from your wardrobe and ensure that it allows for lots of ‘breathing for the skin.’ No tight outfits unless you want to catch the nose of every single colleague on the work-floor.

A Cleansing and Nourishing cream at night : Ensure that you massage in a recommended nourishing cream gently on your face, along with a few drops of water, before going to bed.

Though these simple tips can keep you safe from the normal hazards of summer heat, there is also a chance of skin getting blotches, tans and cracking due to prolonged exposure, due to factors beyond our control, in which case professional help would assist best in helping it get back to its original, glowing state.

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