Millennials love the fact that they are considered a unique and completely unprecedented generation. They take pride in their uniqueness and they love expressing their individuality. How does this carry over to salon marketing ideas? Read on to find out the top 5 salon marketing ideas to attract millennial customers.

1. Online reviews are the way to go!:

Almost all millennials do research on products and services before making a decision to buy. This means they’re going to be checking out your site, looking at Google reviews, checking around on social media, and of course, asking their peer group for recommendations. Make sure you are on all the online review sites and monitor them closely. If you ever come across a complaint, respond to it directly and deal with the situation before it gets out of control, aka goes viral.

2. Keep it Simple and Straight forward!:

This is because time is a very precious commodity to millennials. If you waste their time, they’re going to get offended and not to do business with you. Keep all of your offers simple and straightforward. If anything requires decoding, they’ll just give up on you and move on to the next salon. Because they know it only takes a matter of seconds to find another one on Google!

3. It’s All About Convenience!:

Millennials are more about convenience than any other generation. One big way you earn huge points with millennials is to make sure you offer everything digitally. If you have a rewards program, offer a digital loyalty program. Online payments are huge, and so is online booking.

4. Kill it on Social Media!:

Posting a picture once a week on Facebook is not going to cut it. You need to be engaging with your followers. Make sure you are responding to all of their questions and comments in a timely manner. Instagram is probably going to be your biggest social media platform. You can use it to post all kinds of engaging material: before and after pics of happy clients, hairstyling video tutorials, special offers, and discounts, or information about a new product. The more they see you on social media, the more you will earn their trust as an industry expert.

5. Experience is Everything!:

Millennials love memorable experiences much more than they love fancy and stylish products.Consider adding in extras to ensure their trip to the salon is more than just a haircut. For example, you could set up a juice menu or coffee bar, comfy couches for a nice chill space, or a manicure station.

We hope these salon marketing ideas have you excited about reaching out to millennials!

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