According to L’Oréal Professionnel, “With X-tenso Moisturist, your hairstylist can now offer you two amazing new services: Shine-bond Rebonding service & Shine-straight straightening service, giving you perfect straight results, mirror-like shine and long-lasting protection.

A fact that has been reiterated and reaffirmed by Neeru, who has by now seen a remarkable difference in the results, post rebonding processes at the Play Salon.

It is so relaxing and relieving,” she adds, “in being able to take the load off your valued clients’ minds about doubts of having their hair damaged, split-ends and a host of other unexpected after-effects of sorts that sometimes follow the most diligent processes in hair bonding and straightening.”

The Shine-bond rebonding service, now available at Play Salon in Mantri Square and Le Meridien, gives you ultra straight, shiny hair that includes the unique treatment developed specifically for straightened hair: X-tenso Moisturist Masque.

The Shine-straight straightening service is a quicker service that gives you a naturally straight look.

Created specifically for India, the X-tenso Moisturist Masque is enriched with nutritive oils & ceramides that instantly detangle & smoothen hair, adding shine and making hair soft & supple.” And in India, L’Oréal trusts the expertise of the Play Salon and its Head Stylist in translating and completing the effects of their break-through products into a superlative experience, as evident from their latest Indian campaign which also features Neeru in their expert panel.

The rebonding/straightening process does not end at the salon. Proper maintenance of straightened hair needs an effective regimen. Along with the X-tenso Moisturist Masque 200ml – the perfect partner for straightened hair, the valuable personal advice of the stylist is equally important. So what are you waiting for? Let your L’Oréal Professionnel hair stylist give you beautifully straight, shiny hair… like never before!

L’Oréal’s X-tenso Moisturist – now available at Play Salon Mantri Square and Le Meridien.


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  1. Fareen Qazi says:

    Good afternoon
    Mam i have done hair straightening /smoothening of loreal uust 20days before my parlour stylish said to do hair spa after 1month what shall i do.is it safe to do hair spa after one month of hair smoothening???plss suggest me.

  2. Hello Neeru,

    I have done hair straightening with loreal product last month. can I apply herbal and can I do hair spa at home with loreal product?? and which one????
    pl. suggest.

  3. Hello, my name is Nikhita n I am from mysore I have straighten my hair 2 days back they used a l’oreal product so now should I compulsorily uae loreal shampoo and conditioner?? Or can I continue using my regular shampoo and conditioner? ? Please suggest

    • Neeru says: (Author)

      Dear Nikita,
      I don’t know what shampoo and conditioner you are using. So, yes when you do the any kind of chemical treatment home recommended is always of that particular brand. I would say please use Loreal products. They are not very expensive plus the result of the straightening will last. Please also do spa treatments on a regular basis. If you ever come to Bangalore please drop by to our Salon and get a bond builder treatment done. This treatment will help fix all the broken bonds in your hair.
      Thank you


  4. Hi Neeru,
    I have a really dry, frizzy, kinky hair. I wanna go for permanent straightening. Please let me know the cost and will it be fixed in one sitting or it needs more? My hair is of medium length, i.e., just 1 1/2 inch more than the shoulder length.

  5. I hve gt my hair smoothening done 7 months bck thy used loreal xtenso products and I need touch up now I don’t knw wer to go n wt to do sooo please suggest me sumthin as soon as possible

  6. Hi Neeru,

    I got my hair smoothening done 5 days back. The stylist used Loreal extenso products. After the first wash which was done by the salon people, I saw that the entire back portion of my hair was wavy and had not been straightened properly. They said they would redo the treatment on the left out portion of the hair. Should I go for it? Won’t it damage my hair more? I already have dry hair. Please suggest.

    • Had same thing.saloon charged me 10000 rps for wavy hair after first wash.i contacted them after getting scorned at. They redid it took 1 hr.x tenso treatment. Today second day afyet washing its still straight .

  7. I have a curly hair and it is long/rough. I want to do smoothening. Will the smoothening looks straight? Can it be done wavy? Please clear my doubts as I don’t want too straight.. I like wavy hairs..Also what is the cost for smoothening?

  8. Hi,
    I have done my hair rebonding 7 months ago, i have very dry and curly hair. I have done permanent one from Loreal saloon only. But now its become the same dry hair which i was having before rebonding, Not at all satisfied with the loreal treatment, even i have done regular hair spa. I want to know that hair rebonding will remain only for few months than why in saloons they will say its permanent hair rebonding. If i want to go again for smoothening, I am thinking twice. Please suggest what to do

  9. hi. all plz suggest me if I can wash my hair at home for the first time after smoothening. as the saloons over here r tooo costly even for hair wash……..

  10. Hi neeru
    M totally happy with d products n my hair straightend. Bt now I want to have touch up, cn u tell me the cost for it??
    My hairs are long, whole back covering.

  11. Can u pls suggest me how can I kip ma hair curly?? Any shampoo o cream

  12. Hi, I am a male with curly rough and frizzy
    hair, i want do straight
    hair and what should be the min length of
    the hair to do so and what would be the

  13. gurpreet says:

    hi I have done my loreal rebounding bt I m not happy with the result I have wave on my ends of hair not just I week has pass still I have no shine like other rebounding do have I don’t know wat to do.

  14. hiii
    i v done loreal’s hair straightning of 1 month ago..bt i didn’t use the professional shampoo n conditioner..now my hair becomes rough n it seems to split..will it work if i use xtenso shampoo n conditioner??

  15. Hi. I have very thin and frizzy hair. I’m looking for hair smoothening treatments which will improve the texture and thickness of my hair. I want to get a hair spa at loreal also. What do you suggest ? Is it good for my hair or will there be hair loss after any kind hair treatment ?

  16. Roopa sudarshan says:

    Hi ma’am
    I would like to take permanent hair straightening treatment for my hairs. One of my friends told me about root touch up. But I’m really confused.
    Pls let me know what is root touch up? Whether it is a part of permanent hair straightening treatment or a different one?

  17. Davinder Kaur says:

    I have recently undergone hair smoothening treatment. Loreal products were used while smoothening. I have also purchased loreal professional x-tenso care shampoo and mask and used them. But my hair are frizzy 15 days after the treatment. What could be the reasons this is happening. Is my smoothening not done properly.. ?
    Please help me with the details.

  18. I did straightening now i m using xtenso loreal shampoo d condioner.but i have doubt can i use hair oil?

  19. I want hair smoothening.. I have mid length hairs. Pls let me know about its price.

  20. then if I come tomrow then there is 15% discount on hair straightening?

  21. is there any offers going on in play salon mantri mall.. I went to playsalon mantri mall other day. they told your hair straightening will cost 10k without tax with tax n products it will cost 12.5k. my total budget is 10k.. is there any offers.. plzzzz let me know.. I m waiting for my hair straightening.

  22. What will be the cost of permanent hair curling ?
    I have medium length hair….

  23. Hi,

    I stay at JP nagar I wanted to undergo hair smoothening. Since I’m getting it done for first tym I wanted to consult first. Can you please let me know where are the brancea located in Bangalore.

  24. Aavishka Chatterjee says:

    hello, mam
    i want to straighten my hair but frnds told m its burn my hair and it become dull.. if there is any process to straighten my without damage.. how much it cost, i have long hair…

    • Neeru says: (Author)

      Hello Aavishka,
      Straightening does not burn the hair. The process is to break the his bonds and fix them to the desired texture.That is why the hair after straightening becomes more softer and shiny. i know of people who have be straightening their hair for more than 5 years. it is maintenance free.
      I hope i answered your query. Hope to see you soon.

  25. Hi Neeru,

    As you have informed that there will be 15% discounts on hair smoothening and hair straightening on Thursday’s . It is on every Thursday’s right.. if I come on this Thursday I can get 15% discount right.I vl be visiting mantri mall on this Thursday for hair smoothening/hair straightening whichever suits my hair.

  26. shashwatha says:

    I’m 20 yrs old n thinking to tak up hair smoothening. I hav dry wavy hair. Bt I’m confused cos of people opinion. They say on long run v wil exposed to hair fall n breakage.

  27. Hi neeru,I want to ask u after how many days of rebonding we should take hair spa.

    • Neerus says: (Author)

      Dear Shruti,
      Hair spa or Kerastase ritual can be done immediately. I would suggest to do a ritual when you go back to the salon for the first wash.

  28. hi, i have done a rebounding to my hair 2yrs back and would like to do it again but would like to know the difference b/w Shine-bond Rebonding service & Shine-straight straightening service and would also like to also know can i get my hair coloured aft he this procedure, or should i wait fr a month’s time to get my hair coloured.

  29. Dipa Ghosal says:

    hi , mam i m from kolkata i am 21 yeras old i did my straightening from a local parlour ( chemical) one . I m worried as i m hvng tremendous hairfall from my roots my hairs a long till waist . i did ds in the month of may 2014 now wat shuld i do smoothng or rebondng pls suggest i want to use loreal products …. pls help me out wd ds thing . i hve heard dat i shuld gve one year gap bfre doing anything else ……

    • Neerus says: (Author)

      Dear Dipa,
      Please come over for a consultation. Since you say you have a lot of hair fall I need to check if it is falling from the toto or if it is breakage. Any chemical service you need to give one month before you do the next treatment. Since you have done a treatment in May2014 I see no harm in getting it done. Rebonding or smoothening will only be able to suggest after seeing the hair.
      Hope to see you soon.

  30. I m thinking of visiting ur mantri square branch on Saturday before coming for smoothening. I also have one doubt I heard from others that on first day after undergoing the procedures u vl apply the chemicals n leave and v can’t use any water on hair and after 3days v need to again visit parlour for hair wash to remove chemicals. if it true.. or u vl do all the procedures on the day 1 itself

    Thanks and regards

    • Neerus says: (Author)

      Dear Apoorva,
      Firstly I would like to clear your doubt. After smoothening we donnot leave the product on the hair. We wash it off right after the treatment. Then we ask the client to come back after 48 hrs for the hair wash again to educate them about the after care of the treatment. For eg. Hoe to wash hoe to dry the hair what product to use for shampoo, conditioning and serum to wash and tow dry hair. The reason is also to know how you maintained your hair in the first 48 hrs. Since the rule is not to touch water or moisture to the hair.
      If you have already done straightening earlier you do not have to come to the salon for a wash you can do it yourself with the recommended home care products.
      I hope I answered your query. Hope to see you soon at Mantri play.
      Thursday is smoothening day at our mantri and Phoenix branch please book your appointment and avail 15% discount. Only on Thursday.

      • thanks for your reply.. I vl come to salon for consultation before coming for smoothening my hair.. I m also worried abt the procedure.. wht is the difference bw smoothening n straightening with regards to hair,cost,duration

  31. Kavya Hegde says:

    I would like to do permanent hair smoothing and don’t want to go for straitning.
    My hair is wavy and bit freezy could you please let me know a safer method of hair smoothing and a roung figure estimate of how much it cost and sallon name and address.


    • Neerus says: (Author)

      Dear Kavya,
      Please come to the salon for a free consultation. Since you are worried about the treatment. There is no other safer product. It is the method in which it is done which does not damage the hair. But if you have slightly wavy hair may be you don’t need a smoothening you can just get a cut which will enhance the wave to give you a much better look.
      Anyways I would like you to come over to the salon.

  32. I m thinking of smoothening my hair. the length of my hair is upto 2 inches below shoulder n it is wavy and thin. I don’t use any chemicals to my hair. I m busy women going to office .I don’t get tym to go to parlour. so can tell me the cost n duration n procedure of hair smoothening. so that I can manage my time n come to parlour for hair smoothening.

    • Neeru says: (Author)

      Dear Apoorva,
      Thank you for choosing Play.
      The cost of straightening starts from Rs. 6500/-+taxes. The time taken for the procedure is min 3 hrs. (again depends from client to client). Please let me know the date and time and to which branch would you like to go. Thank you.


  33. Hi Neeru,

    I have rough hair with split-ends. I applied heena 2 months back as I have few white hair. I want to go for hair smoothening. Is it possible for my hair ? Is hair smoothening different form hair straightening ? I want to got for Loreal product. which product would you suggest ?

    thanks in advance,

    • Neeru says: (Author)

      Dear Monika,
      Straightening can be done on hair which has henna only if there is no built up of henna. But if you have just done it once I don’t see any problem,
      But in any case would like you to come over to the salon for a consultation.
      Straightening and smoothening is using the same product but with a different technique. As you said you have a lot of split ends. You will have to cut them off and you should get hair spa rituals done to help in treating the lengths and ends if the hair. We only use loreal.

  34. Hi Neeru, i hav gone thru d discussion here, well i hav a curly nd frizzy hair i literally do nt lik it. Most of my frnds wud b making fun of me dat il try nly one hairstyle frm many years as i dnt hav choice to try somethin different am bit disturbed abt it.i hav plans of going thru smoothening i wanna change my hair style and wanted to knw will it damage my hair will i get hair fall, pls do reply me

  35. Hi,
    I straightened by hair almost 2 years back. I would like to perm my hair this time. Is it possible as many salons are declining my wish?

    • Neeru says: (Author)

      Dear Manju,
      I don’t know why the are declining. Can you please come over for a consultation to which ever Play Salon that is nearest to you. We would like to check your hair before we say anything.

  36. i have straightened my hair.but it has become a little frizzy now. my parlour suggested me a keratin hair spa. how much can it cost in your saloon

  37. Ritika Singh says:

    I have navel-length hair n want to get hair straitning.please tell me hw much wil it cost n my hair is wavy!

  38. Hi Neeru
    Plz do reply, I hv gt done l’oreal extenso smoothing treatment 8 months ago. I was told to use only extenso shampoo and conditioner. I did used still my ends became so rough and helpless. I left it as not to use chemical again on hair. Now after 8 months I got done smoothing again my half hair is rough looks like burnt. How do I get my hair texture back. Plz help me I will visit your saloon plzzzzz

  39. dr.hira ehsan khattak says:

    hey my name z hira….i got thru dis x-tenso straightning,procedure yesterday….d procedure wz very painful as the beutician pulled my hair so hardly nd badly and i wz like screaming…i couldnt tolerate d pain of hair pulling…nd wen i askd d beutician y r u pulling my hair during d chemicals application?she rplied dis z d part of produre coz d chemical would get absorbd very effectivly…i wz too much worried abt my hair loss during dis pulling….is dis d rite way of straightning hair?plz rply as soon as possible

  40. Hi Neeru,

    I did xtenso smoothening at Enrich chembur, the first time i did there was some hairfall but then as the hair grew it stoped so i did it the second time some 11 months ago. this time there is excessive hairfall i have lost almost 40% of my hair volume. Please recommend something.

  41. i have extenso thearpy for three dayz before from sallon
    my front portion
    and from muliple portions o of hairs are burns totally due to this chemical
    please guide me how to improve this
    and when my hairs will improve

  42. Hi Neeru , I straightened my hair in October. It’s been 10 months. I mean the products I use-Loreal ex-tenso shampoo, conditioner and serum have kept my hair in good condition. But now I want to try something different. Would like to go for waves or loose curls. I am 5.4′ n plump with a round face and wheatish complexion. I have long hair which ends on my navel. Please guide me whether it would be a good option and also about the costs and parlours in Mumbai or manipal. Also suggest me about different trendy hairstyles.

  43. Hi,

    I have a shoulder level hair and would like to make it straight as its fizzy n bit curly but i am scared of straightening. will the keratin smoothening works for me? and how much will it costs and how long it will be managable? I am in a hurry as am going on a trip and wants to get it done in 1 or 2 days pls reply my quires.



  44. NEERU
    i have done loreal extenso smoothening one month back. Should I include loreal xtenso moisturist Masque in my hair care routine, If yes then how frequently can I use it and from when should i start using it as just one month back I got my hair smoothened. Are there any loreal hair spa products that can be used safely at home? If yes, then please name the products. availability and using procedure.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  45. Hi Neeru

    I have done smoothening one month back from “Naturals”. They had used Loreal Xtenso moisturist products. I would like to use xtenso shampoo and conditioner. My hair is turning rough as I am not probably using the correct shampoo and conditioner now. I want to know whether I have to use Xtenso moisturist masque in my hair routine, If so, in what frequency should i use it? Please help me out. Also I have long hair I dont wanna spend money in spa treatments in the salon, If there is any hair spa product that can be safely used at home, PLEASE SUGGEST ME.

  46. Hello neeru,
    My hair is a bit thick…im pretty ok wid my hair xcept fr the hair in d front…want to get it smoothened,as it seems frizzy…wats ur opinion on that..and pks do tel me abt ur charges for smoothening

  47. hii Neeru, I have straightened my hair 11 month ago. i am troubling from hair fall and frizzy hairs. plz suggest me some products which can help to improve my hairs. ,

  48. I just want to know how much does it cost to curl hair in your salon for medium hair.

  49. Hi Neeru,

    I apply Loreal X-Tenso smoothing just 1 month. tell me when i apply hair oil or hair colour.

    This smoothing is permanent ?

  50. Hi Neeru,
    I often visit Play salon in Mantri mall for my hair cut, and I’m delightened by the service you provide, however I am planning to have my hair permed and would insist I get a loose soft curls as I have extremely dry hair, please let me know what kind of perming would suit for the dry fizzy hair and also the cost of perming.
    Looking out for your earliest reply 🙂

    • Hi Sindhu,
      I’m glad you like the service at Play. Coming to the query about the perm I would say you should not do the perm because you said that you have very dry and frizzy hair. I would say get your hair repaired by the best treatments we offer from Kerastase. Your hair will feel much better and nourished. Even after this you still want to perm it . The charges would start at Rs.6000/-.
      Regards Neeru

  51. hi,
    its 2mnths that have already got my straightening with loreal x-tenso moisturist n its truely good.can u tel me if the retouch applications should be done only on extra growth r for entire hair? plz reply

    • Neeru says: (Author)

      Hi Preksha,
      Glad to see that you are happy with the Loreal X-tenso product. The retouch applications should be done only on the extra growth, specifically, it would be a root touch-up follow-up process. You could join our Facebook Page to keep yourself updated on the latest services, Hair and Skin care tips and special offers. Check it out here. http://www.facebook.com/neerusplaysalon. For more details, feel free to contact us at any of the Play Salons nearest to you.

    • Dear Preksha,

      Felt my earlier reply needed some elaboration to dispel ALL your doubts :). Once you have done straightening you don’t have to do the whole hair. You only do the regrowth. The cost would not be much of a difference. Because the product used to break the bonds is less but the nutrilizer and the other part of the treatment remains the same. If you have very curly hair from the roots only you do the treatment otherwise you can wait for another 2 months. Very important use the right shampoo and mask and do not forget to do a hair spa or a Kerastase ritual. This will keep your hair in good condition. Take care and have a beautiful day.

      Please feel free to reach out through the Website or the Facebook Page for more clarifications,

      Regards Neeru

  52. how much does shine bond rebonding and shine bond straightening of hair costs in ur salon?

  53. i recently got my hair straightened at a well known salon,but the first five days aftr the process and stlying that is the cut,was fine.after the 1st wash my hair turned rough at the ends,and i was told to take the 2nd step ironing plus application of neutraliser once more.i went for it,but this time there were more curls in the 2nd layer,i rushed once more,where i was advised to take a gold spa of loreal and i went for it.just post 6 days again i am getting back the curls and roughness.the straightening will hardly last for one month i suppose.i am advised by the stylist not to oil my hair but only get the spas done monthly .i have spent a lot on just straightening plus the products.can u plz help me.i like straight hair but i m told that touch up cannot be done soon.

    • I have straightened my hair too. but the results have lasted for over 6 months except for the newly grown hair. It is very important that u go to an experienced stylist. oiling the hair is the best treatment u can give it. getting spas done is not wrong but is not entirely essential either. Too much of straightening will make ur hair weak. give it rest.
      Until then play with ur curls. get to know them.pamper and treat them. get a look tat suits curly hair. buy products to keep curls in place and moisturize them. After a few months if u r still not satisfied with the way ur hair looks go for straightning (at a good salon, to a good stylist)
      All the best.

  54. Hi I had used the Loreal Hair Spa earlier. I would like to purchase the cream. However, I am unable to find it anywhere and even at the previous shop wher I had purchsed. Pls let em if I could get this cream at the place mentioned above (that is

    Mantri Square

  55. pooja toda says:



  56. i have very thin and frizzy hair about medium length.i want to kno da cost for the x tenso treatment and the location of the salons in kolkata that have this service.Plz do reply.

  57. Namita Mishra says:

    Hi .. I have recently straightened my hair, My hair have become very fine and limp. I really wanna give them some volume as its looking very flat. Please suggest.

  58. i got hair straightening done a yr back in yo salon. plz tel me how much does the root touch up cost

  59. Hi Neeru,

    I have natural curly hairs,which i dont comb much after wash i leave them to dry n they curl up after drying..nyc curls but the upper curls which are exposed to sun and atmospher are totally dry and somewhat brown in colour and if i comb my hair they are frizzy and loose there curls and blow up in volume..i dont wish to straight my hairs..but i want to reform my curls which would look like loose large not tight curls. .i dont leave my hairs much coz the front hairs are dense and curlier. .i want them to be loose. .
    do you have any treatment in which i can get the results which i want. .

    waiting for your reply. .

  60. Hi Neeru,

    I tried Hair straightening one month before in some salon but after the process my hair become very rough and look like burnt . I would like to know can i go for Loreal extenso and will it give me smooth, silky, straight hair. Please let me know how much does it costs. Waiting for your reply.

  61. i have done hair straightening .so which shampoo i should use now. please help me.

  62. Swati Yadav says:

    Hi Neeru,

    I wanna come to PLAY for Hair Re bonding. Please let me know the details and the price of it.

    My hair is little lower to shoulder and it is thin, i mean not very thick.

    I have seen people having rough and dry hair after re bonding so i request you that i need very straight and sleek and smooth hair after re bonding.

    Hope you will address my query and understand my needs!

    Thanks in advance!


  63. Dear Mithula,

    Kindly help in buying the below products.

    Loreal Hair Straighting of X-TENSO MOISTURIST

    Require Smoothing Cream Natural Resistant hair 1 R & Lait Neautralisant Neutalising fixing lotion.


  65. can any body suggest where can i buy loreal inova in bangalore and the cost of it. please

  66. Hi Neeru..Im very happy to see the progress of the salon and the web site..you deserve it …now im greying suddenly..and have a few strands in front of my face and my girlfriend thinks i’m old already..please can you help ..may b some conditioner or shampoo…

    love you loads..Isaiah

  67. how to take care straightened hair when loreal x-tenso moisturist used and is it safe to straighten the hair when they r wet, I straightened my hair this way. Can u please help me in this 🙂

  68. hi, I ve curly hair which is very voluminous. I had blowdried it once earlier and dint like the straight look. I want to make my hair soft with the curls remaining. Can u suggest some treatment.

  69. hi neeru
    i wnt to knw d charges for permanent rebonding n also wnt to knw d charges for a stylish haircut…lngth f m hair is lil bit more dan shoulder….

  70. hi..
    i have vry curly hair bt th problem is that hair quantity is quiet less on my head..
    N my frnz also tld me that post straightenin i might face many problemsl lik hair fall n al..
    so cn u recommend whether i shud go fo straightening o nt??

  71. Ipshita Mukherjee says:

    You have no idea how much I hate it from core of my heart with my this horribe, terrible, pathetic hair cut. Neeru your staff is horrible at their job……… I think even a small salon would had done a better job. every time I look at the mirror I just cant stop myself from getting upset……….. Top it it after cutting she say this top part the hair has become to short……. When I call your salon to talk to you your staff ask me to visit again so they can can see if they can do something………. What one can do in short hair still chop it till I become bald????????

  72. Ipshita Mukherjee says:

    Terrible expiriece I had yesterday. The girl who cut my hair was more than horrible. Disgusting she has no idea how to giv a hair cut and what will look good. She made my hair so short that I have no words to say. THis is the first time I had so bad experience in Loreal over here where in I use to go to Delhi Loreal which are excelent…….. I had warn her not to spoil my hair and she went and did what I told her not to do. I’m extremly unhappy and I’m never going to step into your salon and would advise people dont go for a hair cut atleast. Terrible, Terrible and Terrible. If i had to rate out of 5 I’ll give 1.

  73. Hi,
    I have medium length wavy and dull hair.I have tried hair spas many times along with deep conditioning.But the effect only lasts till wash.I need to make my hair soft and shiny.I am not considering hair stratening as I have heard it has got many side effects.I just need to relax my curls and feel good about my hair.
    Can you suggest something.Is this Xtenso a hair straitening or hair relaxing treatment.and how much will it cost for mid length hair.

  74. I must add to my last comment that I did not have my hair done at Play but another salon here in Bangalore is it possible that as I am an expat this product should not have been used on my hair?

  75. This process ruined my hair I look like my hair has been burnt with a lighter and is too short now to cut any more off after several cuts already!

  76. Hi,
    I would like to know more about L’Oreal Xtenso .
    Mine is very thin hair and is of medium length.
    Will the treatment uses a lot of Chemicals? will it cause hair fall.
    How much is the average cost for tht? and how long it will last?How much time it will take for the treatment?
    After treatment will we need to use special shampoo/conditioner?


  77. Hi Neeru!!

    I’ve been reading a lot about permanent hair straightening….so many advantages and disadvantages!!! I’m so confused. I have very curly and dead hair and always dreamt of straight hair ever since I was 15….Now I’m getting married in a couple of months and thought of going for straightening. But I wanted a professional advice. People say that we must use only the salon specified products after straightening else the hair will be affected badly. Is that true?? Plus…which is long lasting…re bonding or straightening??? Which one should I go for?? We have a salon in Kannur ( Kerala) who does hair straightening with Loreal and the price starts from Rs.8000 for shoulder length hair. Can you tell me if there are authorised Loreal Salons in this part of Kerala? Thank you so much in Advance!! 🙂 God Bless U…

  78. Neeru says: (Author)

    Hi Nitin,

    If you have frizzy hair the best option is to go for deep conditioning treatment which works from the cortex to the cuticles of the hair.
    If you are not happy with frizzy curly hair then the next best option is to go in for straightening. The required length for this treatment would be 2 inches and above.
    The cost would start from Rs.4000/-.



  79. hi dear
    i wanna go for an shine bonding from l’oreal x-tenso ….my hair is of shoulder lenght can you please i do want to get it done from your salon , can you guys help me with the cost for it ..so i cn rush to salon asap :-)…


  80. Hi, I am a male with curly rough and frizzy hair, what do you suggest i do for straight hair and what should be the min length of the hair to do so and what would be the cost.

  81. Neeru says: (Author)

    Hi Preethi,

    The Cost of Hair Straightening would be Rs.3999/-.


    Play Salon
    Mantri Square | Second floor 17,18
    No:1 Sampige road, Malleswaram
    Bangalore 560003

    Tel: 22667070 | 22667071.

  82. plz tel us abt d cost of hair straightening.. i’ve shoulder length hair…

  83. Hi ,
    I would like to do hair straightening with the mentioned loreal product, can i know about the cost of doing it and also i need to know whether we should get appointment

  84. Saumya Reni says:

    Hi Neeru,
    I would like to do permanent hair straightening/smoothening while I am on vacation in Bangalore.Please let me know whether you can provide me a safest Loreal method of straightening and a round estimate of how much does it cost, and how to get an appointment of yours at around July 18th,2010.

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