Kerastase”s new addition to its existing platform of treatments that strengthen hair Densifique, is redefining the concept of increasing density of hair, here in Bangalore, going by its rousing reception by those who love volume and density.

How Densifique helps in increasing density of hair

Kerastase Densifique for increasing density of hairStemoxydine®, created by L’Oréal Advanced Research – which is the active component in Densifique, has demonstrated (through in-vitro studies), it’s ability to mimic an optimal environment for proper stem cell function.

This helps maintain the hair follicle’s growth capacity. Densifique, casino online according the results that we see at Play Salon, is arguably one of the best products available ever, to revive life-stressed hair.

Inspired by Stem Cell Science, Densifique“s treatment offers a revelation of visible hair density – which includes more body in 10 days* and increase in hair density in 30 days* – *(based on self-evaluation by 122 individuals using daily for 30 days, by L’Oréal).

Do contact us if you are interested in this comprehensive approach for increasing density of hair.

Kérastaste Densifique: The Hair Density Activator

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