Adapting a hairstyle that accentuates one’s facial features is an art in itself, and if done well, the key to open many a hearts. Kareena Kapoor’s  wide cheekbones, a strong and angular jaw line, a broad forehead, and a square shaped chin is not something that one would find  amongst the ‘classic and conventional hall of beauty’ in Bollywood, but she has turned that to her advantage, and keeps looking fabulous and fresh, reinventing the ‘look” with every passing year. Take for example, her latest due for release, Agent Vinod.

Why Kareena’s Look in Agent Vinod is a Winner.

Because it makes her look fresh and elegant , even with her unique high cheek bones and a prominent jaw line which, although makes her face more square , the cut is in such way it falls on her jaw line framing her face. That cuts the jaw and visually makes her face more oval which is the ideal face cut. And the way her hair falls and the section is to the side ( partition to the side again cutting her face making it more long ).

Here is an easy way to find your face cut.

Take a comb and place it next to your face. If there is no gap between your temples and the jaw, then you have a square face.

Play’s Hair style recommendation for square face cuts.

People with square  face cut can go in with Forward Graduation, or Natural Inversion.

Forward Graduation Cut –  the right way.

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