Like our body, our scalp absorbs everything we apply to it. And over time, they build up and wreak havoc on the scalp’s delicate ecosystem. For this reason, you need a scalp detox treatment to completely get rid of all the harmful toxins and restore the balance.

Not sure if you need it? Check out the following signs that you’re due for a much-needed scalp detox treatment:

Hair Wash:

You wash your hair only few times a week. When you skip washing your hair, follicles can become clogged leading to hair loss, thinning and weak hair strands. You don’t have to wash your hair daily because that has adverse effects, too. It’s time to start working a scalp detox treatment into your beauty routine.

New lifestyle/diet:

When starting the detox process, toxins are expelled through your pores which causes breakouts.  Scalp treatment help soothe the inflammation and speed up the detox process. It removes all the toxins and impurities left on the skin.

Hair Loss:

You have started to notice hair loss or thinning. The number of antioxidants in your body is low. This imbalance causes oxidative stress, which destroys cells in the body such as hair follicles. A scalp detox effectively flushes out the harmful toxins before they attack the hair bulb and refreshes it with antioxidants to keep it protected.

Change of Season:

Seasonal changes, especially winter can cause flakes to appear, which can build up on the scalp. Doing a deep cleansing and purifying treatment will not only buff away the flakes, but also restore moisture and balance to damaged scalp.

Environmental Damage:

There’s too much environmental toxins. Toxic fumes and substances are quickly absorbed by the scalp, causing free radical damage. Adding a scalp detox treatment to your beauty regimen can help draw out all the toxins that your daily shampoo cannot remove.

Styling Products:

Your styling products are hard to remove. Product residues that remain on the scalp and hair can cause dehydration and irritation. Scalp detox can help get rid of build-up from shampoo and other products so as to refresh, rejuvenate and stimulate your scalp to boost hair growth.

Trust us when we say you’d wish you had done it sooner once you see and feel the difference.

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