Every business, at one point or another, is going to receive poor reviews or negative reviews from less-than-satisfied customers, the trick is to know how to deal with it. They can be hard to handle, but they can also make you a better makeup artist (and business owner!).

As a professional, you need to know how to take criticism. But there’s a difference between absorbing criticism and using it. Negative or poor reviews you receive from your clients should push your skills as a professional makeup artist forward. Think of every review about your business as constructive criticism — even though some may not be worded that way.

By taking a client’s words and separating them from the client’s feelings, you’re more likely to stay business-oriented in your replies. Understand what has upset your client, and find a solution. This isn’t to say that you should separate yourself from all emotion — but just remember that sometimes feelings escalate quickly.

Even if you don’t agree with the negative review, you must still remember the following key elements:

1. Don’t Panic!

Vent if you need to, but don’t do it publicly!

2. Never respond when you’re angry!

Your anger will inevitably pour into your response, whether you mean it to or not.

3. Be polite and courteous.

Always start out by thanking the reviewer for his or her comments. Whether you agree with it or not, they took the time to inform you of what they consider a serious problem, so you should acknowledge that.

4. Be professional, but authentic.

There’s nothing worse than a corporate, boilerplate, rehearsed response to negativity these days. People see right through them. Take the time to write something from the heart and be sincere, people can tell the difference!

5. Always respond publicly.

If a customer makes a complaint or posts a bad review in a public manner, then respond in the same way. Don’t resort to a generic “Thank you for your feedback.

Here’s where things differ. If you received an unfair, negative review, you are allowed to tell your side of the story. Apologise to the client for his/her reaction, but DON’T apologise for your actions if you did nothing wrong. Instead, address it in a cordial but firm way.

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