Sure, there are worse things in life, but let’s face it, having a bad hair day can make you downright cranky. Whether you’ve got the frizzies, fine hair, dry hair, or just haven’t had a chance to wash your hair, when your crowning glory is misbehavin’ it can ruin even the best of times.

But before you reach for that baseball cap — or worse yet those sewing shears — there’s something you should know: You can turn bad hair days into, well, stylishly acceptable days, with far less effort that you think.

Here are some handy tips that’ll help you turn the bad hair days into not-so-bad (if not good) hair days!

Beat the bedhead look

If you slept wrong and woke up with “I got electrocuted” hair look, braids can be your saviour. Braids can cut down the extra and unrequired volume and also hold better.

Dump the limp hair

A simple trick like changing your hair parting can help. If you usually wear middle part, do a side part and it will give an illusion of natural bounce.

Away with oily hair

Dry shampoo is the quickest way to refresh your hair. Lift your hair in sections and spray the dry shampoo on the roots. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and brush to distribute evenly. However, do not get carried away and use too much of the product.

Tackle the frizz

Do not let frizzy hair ruin your day. Use hair serum or castor oil to cut down the static and the flyaways. Take a few drops of castor oil (or hair serum) on your palm, rub slightly and gently run over your hair to make it manageable.

Fix flat hair

Teasing can visibly add volume to the flat hair. Take your hair in small sections and tease at the roots. When your entire head is covered, gently run a brush to make it all smooth. Be careful not to put too much pressure as it will de-puff your hair.

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