Festival season is upon us and we have decided to get you ready and prepared with the best hair inspiration you need to be festival ready! Choosing a hair colour will depend on a lot of external factors such as complexion, hair type, personality and fashion goals. Consult our hair experts before zeroing in on colours. You should primarily choose colours that complement your skin tone.

Here are some of our favourite hair colour ideas and techniques:


Basically, this style is all about dark roots at the top and light strands at the bottom. The word in French means ‘to shade’. Go for ombre and shine on this Diwali.


If the shading and the contrast are not so pronounced, it becomes subtle ombre or sombré. The blending in this case is softer than the original ombre version. Ethnic wear along with sombre hair do can be a winning combination this season.

Super Sombré

This means the blend needs to be super subtle or seamless. Make the lower strands just a tad lighter and no more. If you do not want the highlights to be extra bold, this is what you should aim for.


Experts say that this unconventional style has been hugely popular this year. You can opt for a dark grey at the top and then lighter shades of the colour at the bottom. This edgy style will work for any hair length.

Dip Dye

Similar to ombre – it’s all about adding a lighter or brighter colour at the end.


Balayage is a super popular hair colouring style these days. Basically, it is a free hand technique and ensures a seamless, blended look for your strands with no noticeable regrowth lines. It’s meant to give a sun-kissed look to your hair.


This is a style whereby the roots at the top are lighter and the strands towards the end are darker – a sort of reverse highlight. Surprise your friends with this offbeat colour idea.


These are basically super light streaks that are supposed to frame your face. This hair technique can give you a fresh and youthful look.


Quite simple – just chunky highlights on your mop. But there’s a risk involved – it can look super odd and messy if chunky highlights are not done properly.

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