Your hair is the crown you never take off. From vogue covers to the red carpet, hair is the best accessory of celebrities. This brings us to a question, “How to get a hair like that?” Whether you want a hair transformation or want to have healthy and shiny hair, the old-school DIYs aren’t your rescue. Take a break and treat your hair with the most trusted andspecialized services at Play Salon, Bangalore.

Play Salon, Bangalore is now equipped with the number one professional hair brand in the United States of America, Redken. The brand delivers impeccable transformations while preserving the health of the hair with its specially crafted pH-balanced formulas.

Hair transformations are often accompanied by frizzy, damaged hair. The extensive range of products and services from coloring to styling is all your needs. Take a break and treat your hair at Play Salon, Bangalore. Why not if styling and healthy hair come in a pack?

Say who you are without having to speak! Play Salon, Bangalore along with Redken is here with the prowess of its hairdressers to empower you to express yourself boldly and make a statement with your hair. We have got your back!

“Don’t” be into trends. Don't let fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live." – Gianni Versace

Tired of following and keeping up with the trends? Reinvent your style that expresses your personality. Redken is here to create a community for young trendsetting unafraid individuals. Reinvent Yourself unapologetically!

Desire for Self-Expression. Extend your personality into styling. A statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self-love.

Break the styling stereotypes. Experiment with individualistic and personalized styles with Redken’s specialized products and services that best suit your specific needs at Play Salon, Bangalore.

Personalise your beauty. It takes courage to boldly break the definition of beauty and style in the fashion and global trend era. A Pro – Prescribed hair science with a beautiful purpose mow celebrates your uniqueness in stores today- Play Salon – Mall of Asia

Discover the most powerful hair care regimen to hydrate, strengthen, and restore your hair with us. Check out a selection of professional, salon-quality hair masks, serums, oils and leave-in hair treatments formulated to strengthen, repair, and treat dull, damaged, frizzy, and dry hair as well as protect color-treated hair.


Come avail your Redken services from the best salons in Bangalore – Play Slon is now here at the heart of this iconic shopping destination – The Mall of Asia offering a unique and luxurious experience to patrons seeking top-notch services with the number one professional hair brand in the United States of America, Redken.

Make use of wallet-friendly offers in hair care, skin care, and therapies, and Enjoy the Play Experience across any of our outlets- Play Salon – Mall of Asia. We ensure you a transformation, inside and outside, making you look and feel your best. Welcome to the Play Experience!

As we embark on this venture, we are enthusiastic about contributing to the vibrant ambiance of the Mall of Asia and establishing lasting connections with our valued clients. Join us on this journey of beauty, relaxation, and transformation.

Hope your day is as nice as your hair!

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