If you have been love with your footwear, so much that you absolutely refuse to take them off in any other environments other than the confines of your home, by all means it has to do with your feet odour. Yes. More often than not, it is abject self-loathing powered by sheer embarrassment that keeps your feet stuck to your footwear like glue. Fret no more. It isn”t that it is diseased, its just that its just sweat and bacteria feeding off on it.

Medically referred to as bromodosis, when it comes to smelly feet, it gets down to keeping your feet clean and using fabric types that allow your skin to breathe, rather than stifle it. Its just that there are more sweat glands on our feet than any part of the body and hence the amount of bacteria that feeds off it, aided by the synthetic fabric that effectively makes a favorable environment, producing bad-smelling by-products of the bacterial activity.

The easiest ways to keep this in check would be use footwear which have designs that aid “ventilation” of your feet, and use natural fabric like cotton socks for starters.  Get over habits that result in poor hygiene, ensuring daily washing of one”s feet using a mild using mild soap or antifungal soap and a scrubbing brush. Post washing, ensure your feet is completely dry, especially between the toes before slipping into shoes.

Though the above basic  and simple steps help a long way in keeping foot odor at bay, for most when it persists as a combination of factors, you would need to seek professional help and a routine that takes care of your feet with professional expertise.Foot care treatments  De-odorizing foot treatment and  Nourishing Treatment for dry feet from Play Salon ensure that  de-odorizes and soothes, instilling  an immediate feeling of well being and comfort for your primary reason embarrassment.

You would be amazed to see how fast it ceases to be a source of awkwardness and distress.

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