John Abraham and Akshay kumar, both with their popular onscreen popularity indexes and niche ‘images’, come together for the sequel to the hugely successful Housefull. Both have undergone a subtle yet markedly difference from their usual ‘looks’ for the screen. Though  both of them maintain themselves well with regular exercise and are fit, their strenuous regular exercise regimen increases the level of production of testosterone.

The effect of a strenuous exercise regimen.

With everything else, whatever produced in excess is put in storage to a certain level by the human body. usually, in men, this combination of rich food and exercise regimen possibly finds these excess amounts getting stored in hair roots for men. That is why there are more men bald then women, whose hairfall related issues usually become prominent after their menopause setting  in like facial hair change of voice , hair fall etc.

Play recommends.

There are good products from Kerastase for men called the Homme range.  If you have skin like John which is oily, one needs to get a facial done but with controlled and restricted facial massage, else it can activate the sebaceous glands. There is also an extremely effective and natural alternative treatment for oily skin at Play – the Micronised Marine algae Treatment. As for Akshay, his naturally  ‘thin’  skin has a higher probability of early wrinkles. Algomega Warm Treatment or a Crono Detox is an excellent treatment to effectively put a check on early wrinkling.

And since they job is quite stressful and outdoors, putting on  a sun block is very essential and highly recommended.

A sneak Peek.

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