Winter is a gorgeous season to bring out bright coloured clothing, those lovely boots and all your woollen accessories. But it is also the season for frizzy hair, dry skin, and fashion faux paus. How do you handle these extremes and still come out looking fabulous and fantastic? We’ve put together some winter beauty tips that can keep you on top of the weather, whatever it may throw at you!

1. Cleansing, The First Step To Healthy Skin

Wash your face 2-3 times a day and deep cleanse at night before going to bed. Use cold milk and cotton to fight dryness.

2. Scrub, Exfoliation Is The Key

Scrubbing should be an integral part of your beauty routine. In winter, however, limit exfoliation to once or twice a week and use a mild product.

3. Toning To Tighten The Skin

Your skin secretes more oil in winter to compensate for the dryness. Thus, winter care for oily skin means more diligent toning in winter.

4. Moisturizing For Soothing

You still need to moisturise your skin daily. Instead of a thick cold cream, you can use almond or extra virgin olive oil to moisturise without blocking pores.

5. Essential Face Packs For Winter

Winter care for dry skin means applying homemade hydrating masks to lock in moisture. Use readily available ingredients like honey, buttermilk, avocado, yogurt, olive and jojoba oils, almond oil, bananas and aloe.

6. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Dry skin loses a lot of moisture. Keep drinking water regularly to keep your body and skin hydrated.

7. Shield Your Skin From The Sun

The sun might seem weak, but you still need protection from it. Don’t skip the sunscreen when you step out.

These winter beauty tips will help you bid goodbye to winter woes and avoid excessive dryness and dead looking skin. These tips will help you look just as radiant in winter as you do the rest of the year.

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