7-winter-beauty-tips-play-salonWant to celebrate with healthy, glowing skin this winter? Although we all love how our makeup stays put all day, keeping your skin healthy and hydrated can be so tough. Our beauty problems can range from cracked lips, dry hair to dry skin. So in an effort to help every makeup junkie feel celebratory this season, we’ve compiled the best winter beauty tips for healthier skin!

1.How To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips

Apply Lip Balm every now and then. Lip balms can help keep your skin hydrated. Always keep a lip balm with you no matter where you go.

2.DIY Lip Scrubs

Doing lip scrubs can help your lips exfoliate, getting rid of those dead skin.Like in our bodies we scrub off the skin to allow new skin to grow. After brushing scrub your lips with your good old toothbrush.

3.Warm Baths

While warm baths sounds amazing on very cold winter weather, it might do more harm than good if exposed to more than 20 minutes. It strips away your body’s natural moisture leaving your skin really dry after.

4.How To Avoid Winter Sunburn

Never skip you sunscreen when you go out. Opt for a moisturizing sunscreen with SPF Level 50 and below.

5.Dry Face

Switch to a milder facial wash and invest on thicker moisturizers. Also spend a good time going to the kitchen aisle and look for Bananas, Egg Yolk, Avocado and Milk. These foods has great moisturizing benefits and can be used as a moisturizing masks.

6.Dry Hair

Avoid blow-drying or brushing your hair while it’s still wet. But if you really need to, comb it with few drops of olive oil and with a wide-tooth comb.

7.Load up on Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps the body’s natural production of collagen, a protein that maintains skin and other connective tissues.

Continue celebrating good life and healthy skin with these winter beauty tips!

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