Attaining great hair doesn’t take a lot of effort, as long as you know what to do. Arming yourself with the right tools and information about the chemistry of hair is the best first step. Here are a few essential mens hair care tips to achieve their best hair possible.

1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day:

You might think it’s healthy to wash your hair daily, but that’s actually too often for most people. Washing your hair too often strips your hair of protective oils naturally produced by your scalp, leaving it more prone to getting frizzy and frayed. For most men, two to three shampoos a week works best and it’s better to use warm or cool water to wash your hair.

2. Choose shampoo and conditioner wisely:

Choose products that work well with your hair type so your hair will look the best it can be. If possible, go for sulphate-free shampoo and silicone-free conditioner; these ingredients are hard on hair and cause it to look dry and dull over time. Check the label.

3. Dry your hair gently; don’t rub it:

Wet hair tends to be weaker and vulnerable to damage. So avoid rubbing your hair after washing as it will lead to excessive breakage. Instead pat dry it to avoid stress on scalp.

4. Use less products on your hair:

Using too much of hair gel, hair wax, hair spray or any other hair product makes your hair look unnatural and heavy. Use minimalistic amount of these products when it comes to styling your hair the right way.

5. Stay natural:

Keep coloring, perming, straightening, etc. to a minimum as getting chemical treatments repeatedly can damage your hair beyond repair. Avoid using hair dryers for drying your hair. Let them dry naturally. To keep your hair neat and well-kept, get a haircut every 4-6weeks.

6. Stay Healthy:

Your hair health is a reflection of your lifestyle. Mens hair care means you need to eat well, get plenty of exercise, drink water, get enough sleep and try to stay positive.

Your hair is the first thing that gets noticed about you. A well-maintained head of hair will have other heads turning your way. Make sure to follow these Mens Hair Care Tips!

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